Welcome to the 15th anniversary Tourism Challenge!
Our much anticipated annual promotion, brought to you by the Vancouver Attractions Group, Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Hotel Association, is even bigger and better than before.

New attraction, hotel and neighbourhood partners have joined the fun, over 20,000 Passports have been distributed, some fantastic new prize packages have been added to our 30 and 40 something prize categories. Check out the 15th Anniversary Grand Prize package then make plans to hit these NEW stamp targets.

As we do every year, we encourage you to make the most of this incredible opportunity to enrich your personal knowledge of our fantastic city. Why not make it a personal goal, in honour of 15 years, to learn about 15 new things, and then tweet about it through our partner’s Twitter feeds. Be sure to add the #tourismchallenge and let’s see how we can use social media to challenge each other this month.

Remember, this program is successful because we embrace its objective, “To provide you as an industry colleague with an opportunity to gain knowledge and improve your understanding of all that Metro Vancouver offers so that individually and collectively, we deliver a better vacation for our guests.” Please follow the guidelines for participation and get the most out of this experience.

Whether you’re behind the scenes or on the front lines, you are one of our city’s most important tourism ambassadors. 

Thank you for your participation and have a great time.

Stacey Klyne, Chair
Vancouver Attractions Group

Peter Catarino, Chair 
Hotel Association of Vancouver

Bob Lindsay, Chair
Tourism Vancouver


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