participants code
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Company Commitment: As a registered Tourism Challenge participating company we agree to:

1. Issue Tourism Challenge Passports only to staff and volunteers that meet the agreed upon criteria

2. Ensure printed name labels are affixed to the inside of each Passport or that staff write their name inside the flap when they receive their Passport.

3. Ensure that staff are aware of the Participants Code of Conduct and remind them that they will lose the privilege to participate in this program if they disregard it.

4. Remind staff that redemption of the Passport must be accompanied by photo identification in the form of a staff card or drivers license

5. Remind staff that stamps will not be issued by Attractions unless a participant has made the effort to visit the facility

Participants Code of Conduct: As a participant in good standing of the Tourism Challenge you are expected to respect the following guidelines and follow the rules of the program. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your privileges, and could undermine the entire program:

1. Valid staff or other photo identification (eg: drivers license) is required when enjoying any Tourism Challenge benefit. Please present this along with your Passport.

2. The Tourism Challenge is for the exclusive use of individuals working in the industry and who have registered to participate. DO NOT pass it along to anyone else.

3. Participants must respect the offers being made by each partner and MUST NOT expect to receive a stamp from an attraction if you are not willing to spend time in the facility and meet their criteria for the stamp.

4. RESPECT your colleagues. Please treat the front line staff as you would like to be treated, or as your company expects you to treat your guests.

5. To renew or receive your 2017 Privilege Pass, please provide: a valid photo staff identification card or current pay stub (received within the last 30 days); or for volunteers, a note (on non-photocopied letterhead) plus photo identification. These MUST be presented, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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