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Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Curious by nature? Fall in love with the diversity of life as you discover over 500 exhibits, and stare through the jaws of the largest creature ever to live on Earth—the blue whale.

Explore the University of British Columbia’s rich biological collections of birds, insects, fish, fossils, plants and more in Vancouver's natural history museum.

With hands-on activities and entertainment for all ages, we invite you on a journey to discover the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, and our role in preserving these delicate systems.

Follow the footsteps of dinosaurs in Footprints in Time, take in a documentary in the Allan Yap Theatre and get hands-on with our collections in the Discovery Lab. Just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, the natural world awaits.

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Today is our monthly Nocturnal event starting at 5:30pm. The museum will be open until 8:30pm with lots of activities, movie screenings by @emilycarru students and guided tour. Admission by donation! #ubc #ubcsience #beatymuseum #yvrevents #yvrlife #museam
Our Nocturnal event: Living Legends of Vancouver is tomorrow! Explore our relationships with waterways across Metro Vancouver at Living Legends of Vancouver: a premiere screening of short videos by students from the @emilycarru. Created through a class offered this summer in association with the David Suzuki Foundation and the University of Cape Town’s Future Water Institute. Inspired by the late Mohawk/English poetess Pauline Johnson’s book Legends of Vancouver (1911) which documents stories shared by the late Chief Joe Capilano of the Squamish Nation about local lands/waters, these videos explore the intersections of past, present and diverse perspectives to create new narratives that speak to a water sensitive future. This screening will be intermixed with interactive presentations and dialogue led by the artists, and will run from 5:30pm – 7:30pm The museum will be open until 8:30pm, with admission by donation! #ubc #biodiversity #museum #naturalhistorymuseum #yvr #yvrevents #sciencemuseum #yvrlife #emilycarr #ubcevents
Did you know that the cave star coral, Madracis pharensis, lives in the darker corners of coral reefs, and it can form colonies with or without Symbiodinium? This colony was photographed under a deep overhang off the Caribbean island of Curaçao and it's part of the Biodiversity Research Photo Competition for UBC’s Biodiversity Research Centre affiliates. Submission deadline is tomorrow! Link in Bio for rules and prizes. #ubc #science #research #biodiversity #sciencephoto #zoology
This male Tit-like Dacnis (Xenodacnis parina) was photographed in Peru during a research expedition to a Polylepis forest. The expedition sought data on bird community and population structure, molt and ectoparasites, supporting research on the evolutionary ecology of tropical birds while providing baseline data that can be used to detect changes relevant to conservation issues. Check all photos participating in our @ubcscience Biodiversity Research Photo Competition. Submission deadline is August 14. Link in Bio! #ubc #biodiversity #science #sciencephoto #tropicalbirds #research


The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is located on the campus of the University of British Columbia, 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

  • From 4th or 10th Ave.: Turn south on Wesbrook Mall, take the right lane passing the UBC Hospital and turn right on Agronomy Road. Turn right at East Mall then turn right into the driveway for Health Sciences Parkade.
  • From 16th Ave.: Continue through the roundabout staying on 16th, then turn right on East Mall. Turn right into the driveway for Health Sciences Parkade.
  • From SW Marine Dr.: Turn right on 16th Ave., then left on East Mall. Turn right into the driveway for Health Sciences Parkade. For parking rates and alternate parking options, see UBC Visitor Parking.

Walking from Health Sciences Parkade: exit the parkade and find East Mall, along the west side of the parkade. Walk north to the 4-way stop, and cross East Mall at the pedestrian crosswalk. Follow the asphalt path that goes through the grassy area. Proceed up the ramp on your left, the front door is at the top of the ramp, under the breezeway. Video directions or detailed walking directions.

For directions by public transit or bike as well as wayfinding resources see our website.

Hours and Dates of Operation

Tuesday- Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

The Museum is closed Mondays and Statutory Holidays

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Phone: 604.827.4955
Fax: 604.822.0686
Address: 2212 Main Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4

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