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MAYVEMBER IN VANCOUVER – Don’t let it get you down!

Despite the unseasonable spring weather Vancouver continues to thrive!  And our top visitor attractions are offering experiences that entertain, amuse and are mostly weatherproof.

Gardens, gardens, gardens… so many amazing blooms and plants to explore this month and into early June.  The unseasonably cool weather has helped stretch spring in Vancouver!  Head out to VanDusen Garden, the Rhododendron Garden is in fine form, the Hedge Maze entices and challenges all, and the new growth across this 55-acre garden will fill you with the joy of Spring.  Check their calendar for live music events throughout the summer.

While the UBC Botanical Garden, offers countless opportunities to explore the floral from around the world.  Take time to investigate the collection that includes more than 30,000 plants from close to 8000 accessions representing 5000 taxa from temperate regions around the world. Temperate forest plants of British Columbia, eastern North America and Asia are curated in woodland gardens Add a turn on the on the GreenHeart TreeWalk, a suspended walkway that takes you through the treetops and treetop platforms.

Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden is a tranquil experience in any weather, the covered walkways surrounding the reflecting pool, home to koi and turtles, are covered in hand crafted tiles.  Imported from China in 1986, this architectural feature, often found in traditional scholar gardens, create a meditative soothing sound as the Vancouver rain bounces off and runs down the troughs and waterspouts.  Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea and join a guided tour to maximize your visit.  Make plans to enjoy a meal in Chinatown, so many amazing independent restaurants, and quick serve food outlets, are located just steps from this unique attraction.  

And if you’ve got kids along for the fun, you can see the geodesic dome that is home to Science World, Vancouver’s most hands-on experience for kids of all ages.  Their current exhibit T Rex: The Ultimate Predator, on display until January 2023, let’s the intrepid adventurer discover the prehistoric wonders of the late Cretaceous Period and come face-to-face with a 66-million-year-old-marvel.  Not to mention the nearly endless hours you can spend exploring the regular galleries!

And for a truly Vancouver experience, jump aboard the  MPV Constitution, and take a Harbour Tour, Harbour Cruises and Events!  This 60-minute experiences provides a unique perspective on sightseeing!  The on-board commentary provides insight into Vancouver’s maritime history and current harbour activity, city scape views of the downtown and the North Shore, suburban development and mountains included.  Explore their Sunset Dinner Cruise and Indian Arm luncheon cruise options too!!